Kibbe Body Types With Pictures & Quiz [5 Minutes Test]

Have you ever wondered why certain styles look fantastic on some people but not so great on others? The answer lies in our body types. There is a unique system that explores this phenomenon, called the Kibbe Body Type system. Named after its creator, David Kibbe, it helps us understand how to accentuate our natural features in the most flattering way possible.

The Kibbe Body Type system breaks down physical features into five main categories: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Romantic, and Gamine.

Each category has subcategories that fine-tune these classifications even more. But how do you know which body type you are? That’s where the Kibbe Body Type Quiz comes in.

In just 5 minutes, this simple quiz can help you understand your unique body type. All you need to do is take a close look at your physical traits.

These could be the shape of your jawline, your nose, your cheekbones, your eyes, and even the flesh on your cheekbones. We’ve made this task easier by providing reference pictures for each trait.

What is Kibbe Body Type System?

Let’s talk about something special called the Kibbe Body Type system. You might ask, “What is Kibbe’s Body Type?” It’s a smart way to understand your body shape, and it was created by a guy named David Kibbe.

He was really good at looking at people’s bodies and faces and understanding their special shapes and features. This system has five main body types and some smaller categories. It’s like a big family tree of body types, and there’s a spot for everyone!

Why Should I Learn About My Kibbe Body Type?

Now, you might be thinking, “Why should I care about this Kibbe thing?” That’s a great question. You see, knowing your Kibbe Body Type can help you a lot. It’s like getting a special map of your own body.

This map can guide you on how to pick clothes that make you look your best. It can also help you feel more comfortable and confident about your body. Isn’t that great? So, let’s dig into this interesting world of Kibbe Body Types!

5 Types of Kibbe Body Types

5 Types of Kibbe Body Types

1. Dramatic

So, let’s start with the first Kibbe Body Type. We call this one the “Dramatic” type. If you’re a Dramatic type, you’re likely to have a body that is long and lean. Your body shape might be more on the straight side, and not very curvy. Your face might have sharp angles, like a strong jawline or a pointy chin. This is a very powerful and strong look!

In the fashion world, Dramatic types often look stunning in clothes that are simple and sleek. Think straight lines, and clean designs. If you’re a Dramatic type, you might enjoy styles that show off your angular features and long body lines.

2. Natural

Next up, we have the “Natural” type. If you’re a Natural type, your body is more relaxed and less formal. Your body shape might be somewhat muscular and athletic. Your face might be more rounded and not as sharp as the Dramatic type.

When it comes to fashion, Natural types can pull off looks that are casual and easy. Loose and flowing clothes often look great on you. You can wear fabrics that are soft and comfortable. Earthy colors and simple patterns are your best friends!

3. Classic

If you’re a Classic type, your body is very balanced. Your shape is neither too straight like the Dramatic type nor too relaxed like the Natural type. You are right in the middle. Your face has a balanced look, too. It’s not too sharp or too soft.

For Classic types, the best clothes are those with simple and elegant designs. You might love clothes that are timeless and never go out of style. Think of little black dresses, simple white shirts, or well-fitted pants.

4. Romantic

If you’re a Romantic type, your body is curvy and soft. Your face might also have soft features, like full lips, round cheeks, and soft eyes. This body type is all about softness and curves!

For Romantics, the best clothes are those that highlight your soft and curvy shape. You might love clothes with ruffles, lace, or other soft details. Clothes that are fitted at the waist can also look great on you. They show off your lovely curves!

5. Gamine

Last but not least, we have the “Gamine” type. If you’re a Gamine type, your body is a mix of yin and yang. You might have some features that are sharp and angular and some that are soft and round. Your face might also have a mix of sharp and soft features.

For Gamines, the best clothes are those that are fun and playful. You might love clothes with bold colors, interesting patterns, or quirky details. Clothes that show off your unique mix of features can look amazing on you!

What are the Sub Categories for the Kibbe?

You see, within each of these main types, there are smaller categories. For example, within the Dramatic type, there are “Pure Dramatic” and “Soft Dramatic.” The Pure Dramatic is more angular, while the Soft Dramatic has some softness to its features.

The Kibbe Body Type Quiz

So, how can you figure out your Kibbe Body Type? Well, that’s where the Kibbe Body Type Quiz comes in. This quiz is like a fun game that helps you understand your body type. Let’s talk a little bit more about this quiz and how it works.

The Kibbe Body Type Quiz is a set of questions that you answer about yourself. These questions are about your body shape, facial features, and even your personality. The idea is to help you see which Kibbe Body Type fits you best.

You see, each question has several options. Each option is linked to one of the Kibbe Body Types. When you pick an option, it’s like you’re giving a vote to a certain body type. At the end of the quiz, the body type with the most votes is likely to be your Kibbe Body Type. Sounds fun, right?

How the Quiz Works

Okay, let’s get into more detail about how this quiz works. As we said, the quiz has several questions. You need to answer each question honestly and pick the option that best describes you.

  • The first set of questions is about your body. They ask about your height, the shape of your body, the size of your bones, and more.
  • The next set of questions is about your face. They ask about your jawline, your cheekbones, your eyes, your lips, and so on.
  • There are a few questions about your personality. These questions try to see if your personality is more dramatic, natural, classic, romantic, or gamine.

When you answer these questions, you need to think about how you really are, not how you wish you were. This is very important. Remember, every Kibbe Body Type is beautiful in its own way. So, be honest and embrace your true self!

Instructions to Take the Quiz

Now, how can you take this quiz? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Read Each Question Carefully: Make sure you understand what the question is asking.
  2. Think About Your Answer: Don’t rush. Take your time to think about which option best describes you.
  3. Choose Your Answer: Once you have decided, pick the option that fits you best.
  4. Move to the Next Question: After picking your answer, move to the next question. Don’t second-guess yourself too much. Go with your first instinct.
  5. Complete the Quiz: Continue this process until you have answered all the questions.
  6. Count Your Answers: After you finish, count how many times you picked each body type.
  7. Find Your Body Type: The body type you picked the most is likely to be your Kibbe Body Type!

Kibbe Body Types With Pictures & Quiz

Part 1: Bone Structure

How long is your vertical line?

It’s strange, but you can look taller or shorter than you are. It’s about the whole picture, not just height. For instance, check out these two people who are the same height. Who looks taller?

A) Long: I look taller than my real height.

B) Moderately long: I look a bit taller.

C) Moderate: I look as tall as I am.

D) Small: I look a little shorter.

E) Petite: I look much shorter.

What is the shape of your shoulders?

Ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph – these body types can share the same shoulder traits. Find yours from these options:

A) Sharp and narrow.

B) Broad and blunt.

C) Symmetrical and even.

D) Sloped and tapered.

E) Sloped and rounded.

What is the shape of your arms and legs, and how long are they?

When you look at your limbs, are they long, short, or somewhere in between?

A) Narrow and elongated.

B) Elongated and broad.

C) Moderate, matching my torso and height.

D) Short, compared to my height.

E) Very short, compared to my height.

What is the size of your hands and feet? (and shape)

Your hands and feet have a story to tell too. Look at their size and shape.

A) Long and narrow.

B) Large and broad.

C) Moderate.

D) Delicate and small.

E) Small and wide.

Body Flesh

What is the shape of your body?

What is the shape of your body?

Your body can be long, broad, moderate, or have an hourglass shape. Which one feels right for you?

A) Long and straight, even when I gain weight.

B) Broad, with muscular tendencies.

C) Moderate and symmetrical.

D) Soft hourglass.

E) Very defined hourglass.

Sure, let’s continue with the second part of the Kibbe body type quiz focusing on the Body Flesh.

What is the shape of your chest/bust?

Whether your chest is fleshy or not can influence how your bust looks.

A) Small and can look flat. The upper chest is flat (this doesn’t necessarily mean that your bust is flat, it just means that your chest is less fleshy).

B) Small, but wide and broad (the chest is fleshier but the bust is still small).

C) Moderate and proportionate to your waist and hips. The bust/chest is as wide as the hips with a smaller waist.

D) Full and fairly round. You have cleavage and your bust is more prominent than your waist.

E) Very full and round. Even if you’re thin, you have a very prominent bust line as flesh tends to accumulate in this area.

What is the shape of your waistline?

Your waistline might be long, short, or somewhere in between.

A) Elongated and straight (but still narrow).

B) Elongated and broad (slightly defined).

C) Moderate (fairly defined) – smaller than your chest and hips but not too much.

D) Clearly defined and angular.

E) Defined, round, and wide.

What is the shape of your hips?

Check out the shape of your hips and see which of the following matches you.

A) Straight and narrow (no definition).

B) Wide but still straight (gains weight on the hips).

C) Moderate (in proportion to the bustline, hip dips).

D) Rounded and defined (pronounced, larger compared to the waist).

E) Very rounded and fleshy.

How fleshy are your upper arms and thighs?

Look at your upper arms and thighs, are they lean, moderate, or fleshy?

A) Long and lean (no matter if you are slim or overweight your arms will still look very lean).

B) Long and muscular.

C) Moderate. They don’t feel lean or fleshy.

D) Some definition but they look soft (you can see definition in wrist and elbow).

E) Very fleshy and soft.

Facial Features

What is the shape of your jawline?

Your jawline can be sharp, blunt, moderate, delicate, or round. Which one sounds most like you?

A) Sharp and defined.

B) Blunt and wide.

What is the shape of your jawline?

Pay close attention to the lines and angles of your jaw.

A) Sharp and Defined / Very Pointed or Square-ish

B) Blunt and Wide (the edges are a bit rounded, compared to answer A)

C) Neither Sharp nor Round

D) Narrow and Delicate

E) Rounded and Broad

What is the shape of your nose?

Consider the size, width, and bridge of your nose.

A) Sharp or Prominent (large and narrow)

B) Broad or Blunt (can be large) softer, wide bridge

C) Moderate (not round or sharp)

D) Delicate, Narrow, and Small

E) Rounded or Wide (it doesn’t feel large on the face)

What is the shape of your cheekbones?

(your actual bone, not the cheek) Look at the structure of your cheekbones.

A) High and Noticeable

B) Wide and Blunt

C) Moderate

D) Slightly Rounded and Delicate

E) Rounded and Full

How fleshy are your cheeks?

Consider the soft tissue above your cheekbones.

A) Flat and Taut (flat even when overweight)

B) Muscular (Little to no flesh)

C) Moderate (can look soft)

D) Soft and Fleshy

E) Very Round and Fleshy

What is the shape of your eyes?

Check the size and space between your eyes.

A) Straight and Close together (can be small)

B) Straight and Spaced (can be small)

C) Moderate size and evenly Spaced

D) Rounded or Upturned (slightly close together)

E) Large and Very round

What is the shape of your lips?

Consider the shape, fullness, and roundness of the edges.

A) Straight and Thin

B) Straight and Broad (not full)

C) Moderate or Even (not straight or full)

D) Slightly full and Rounded (shape and round edges)

E) Very full and Very rounded (rounded edges)

The purpose of this quiz is to help you identify your Kibbe body type by asking questions about your physical features. You will tally up your A, B, C, D, and E responses, and your body type will correspond to the letter with the highest count.

Here’s a brief explanation of what each result could mean:

A Results

Most A answers mean you might have a Dramatic body type. This means you might be tall with a thin and sharp body shape. Your face also might have sharp features.

B Results

If you have lots of B answers, you could be a Natural body type. This means you might have a sporty look with a wider body shape. Your body lines are more blunt and relaxed.

C Results

Lots of C answers point to a Classic body type. This means you might be medium in height, body size, and flesh. Your face might have even features that are well balanced.

D Results

If you answered mostly D, you might have a Romantic body type. This means you might be on the smaller side with a soft and rounded body. Your face also might have delicate and fancy features.

E Results

Most E answers show a Gamine body type. This means you might be small with a mix of sharp and soft body features. You might also look younger overall.

Mixed Results? We Got You Covered

If you find that your results are mixed, don’t worry! This is common and it just means you might be one of the mixed types. These are types that fall in between the main categories and have a unique combination of features. For example:

If you have mostly A and B answers, you might be a Dramatic Natural. This suggests a combination of sharpness and width in your body structure.

If you have mostly B and D answers, you might be a Soft Natural. This type has a combination of soft, rounded yin features, with some angular or straight yang undercurrent.

If you have mostly A and E answers, you could be a Flamboyant Gamine. This suggests a blend of dramatic sharpness with a dash of youthful playfulness.

If you have a mix of D and E answers, you could be a Soft Gamine. This type typically has a mixture of delicate, soft yin features, with some angular or straight yang undercurrent.

What Your Body Type Says About You

Dramatic Type

If you are Dramatic, your tall and sharp features love clean lines and streamlined clothes. Tailored pieces, straight-cut trousers, and sharp collars could be your go-to items. Try to keep it simple and avoid a lot of detail.


If you are a Natural, your body is made for comfort. You might prefer clothes that have a relaxed fit and don’t constrain your movements. Think casual, loose clothes, such as wide leg trousers, tunic tops or shirt dresses. Go for earthy tones and natural fabrics.


Being a Classic means balance. Your clothes should reflect that. Go for timeless pieces, like a well-fitted blazer, a pencil skirt or a crisp white shirt. Stick to neutral colors and avoid extremes.


Romantics are all about curves. You might prefer clothes that highlight your figure, like wrap dresses, high-waisted skirts, or tops with ruffles and lace. Soft fabrics and pastel colors will complement your look.


Gamines have a mix of soft and sharp features, so your style might be playful and eclectic. You can mix and match different styles, patterns, and colors. Go for high-waisted trousers, fitted jackets, or mini dresses.

The End

Use this information to choose clothes, accessories, and hairstyles that highlight your unique features and suit your personal style.

Don’t let societal beauty standards or celebrity images shape your self-image or confidence. Everyone is unique, and this uniqueness is what makes us beautiful. Feel free to experiment with styles and looks that you’re drawn to, even if they’re not typically associated with your body type. What’s most important is your comfort and how you feel about yourself.

Knowing your Kibbe Body Type can enhance your confidence and make shopping or choosing an outfit easier and more enjoyable.

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